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5ive Points with Claudette Lajam, M.D.

This 5ive Points episode features a very special friend of ours. Dr. Claudette Lajam, also known as “Orthochick,” is not only a well-known orthopedic surgeon at NYU Hospital for Joint Disease, but is also a longstanding member of New York City’s cycling and bike racing communities. Claudette has helped countless riders find proper treatment when the unfortunate/inevitable injury occurs. She also rides for our newest sponsored shop team, W&D Racing/ NYC Velo.
Claudette sat down with us for a few minutes to talk about what riding and racing in NYC is like. Thanks Claudette!

NYC Velo: What bike do you ride?
Claudette Lajam: It depends on the day. For commuting, my Brompton folding bike.  My road bike is an electric pink  Pinarello 4:16.  For Cyclocross, a Felt F1x.

NYCV: What’s your favorite ride?
CL: The ride home from work after a long day! But seriously, Last year I was able to ride part of the USA Pro Cycling tour stage from Gunnison, CO to Crested Butte, CO.  Takes your breath away, literally, at 9600 ft elevation!

NYCV: What’s your favorite post-ride food?
CL: Wafels and Dinges Wafel with Nutella and fresh whipped cream. Yum!

NYCV: What is one thing you always carry on a ride?
CL: My cell phone.  And I wear my Road ID.  I wish I had thought of that product.

NYCV: What’s next?
CL: It has been my privilege to take care of many members of the NYC cycling community. My chairman and the department at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases have been incredibly supportive here. We at NYU HJD are committed to providing the best care to the injured cyclist. We’ve carried this through to the national level also.  It is my privilege to be on the Board of the Medicine of Cycling organization, which educates health care professionals about treating cycling-related health issues. This is an ever-expanding part of our mission and we just keep getting better.
One of the scariest things that can happen to a cyclist is to sustain an injury.  Many riders don’t know what to do, or feel lost and frustrated. We are working to make sure that any injured cyclist can find good medical care in a timely manner without going bankrupt.