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5ive Points with Nigel Hall & Dan Manco of Grimpeur Bros. Coffee

Nigel Hall is a Co-Founder of Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee and an interactive designer at Tremor Video. He’s fond of adventures and has spent time in Kenya doing field biology research. During his time there, he climbed Mt. Meru in Tanzania and hitch-hiked from Kenya to Rwanda and back. On weekends, you’ll find Nigel racing bikes for David Jordan Racing, backpacking in the Catskills or Adirondacks, and/or knocking out his wife’s insanely long honey-do list and hanging with the family.

Dan Manco is also a Co-Founder of Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee in addition to his work as a highly accomplished digital strategist, marketer, product developer, producer, and serial entrepreneur. Dan loves all things cycling and coffee related. He recently relocated his family to Austin, TX, from Brooklyn, NY, though he makes a point to get back to NYC as often as he can but it’s never as much as he’d like.

NYC Velo: What’s your favorite bike?

Nigel Hall: I have two favorite bikes. My mountain bike and my road bike. My mountain bike is a 1996-era, Reynolds 531, Walter Croll with a Girvin Suspension Stem and a kinesis aluminum fork. Yes, that’s right, a Girvin Suspension Steam – a relic. I converted it to my commuter bike and it’s a ton of fun to ride around the city. You can really accelerate and maintain speed with it. The stem absorbs all the potholes in the road and I really like the recoil on it. It’s plush and smooth. It’s an oldie, but goodie.

My other favorite bike is my road bike. It’s a Scott Addict R1 – pure machine. It’s light, stiff, and elegant. Similar to my Walter Croll mountain bike, the Scott just feels like it’s a part of me when I ride – pushing me to go further and faster.

Dan Manco: It’s cross season so my favorite bike is my 2010 Kona “Jake The Snake” procured at NYC Velo (we did not solicit that plug, ed.). I’ve been riding it so much that I rode my 2011 Scott CR1 Elite the other day after a long break and it was like going on a date with a new girlfriend. Jake is a fun, tough, just all-round solid CX bike. And doubles as a great commuter bike. Post-cyclocross season, my CR1 “China White” will return as my fave…she’s jealous right now.

NYCV: What’s your favorite ride?

NH: The only riding that I have done in NY has been the typical 9W route and WAY too many laps in Central and Prospect Park. I enjoy it because it suits my style of riding – nice rollers and some flat areas where you can get speed and maintain it. I prefer to take River Road into Nyack and then do some climbing up Bradley and then make my way back on 9W.

DM: In Austin, my favorite ride starts 10 minutes from my front door, the hills of Westlake Hills. They’re steep, short pitches (think the Piermont on ramp on to 9W back towards the GW except longer) and just a lot of fun. And they connect to even steeper climbs in Northwest Austin (Ladera Norte, Jester, Courtyard, Bee Cave Rd., the 360 Loop, Lost Creek, and the Dam Loop). They’re great, scenic routes to climb and are car-light. In NYC, hands down it’s 9W and River Road. I love those routes so much we named the Grimpeur Bros. signature espresso and peaberry single origin 9Dub Espresso and River Road Peaberry Single Origin respectively. And they are available for purchase at NYC Velo. Yes they are!

NYCV: What do you always bring with you on a ride?

NH: A very simple multitool that can handle repairs to get me home, spare tube, air and food. Food is most critical. I’m skinny and I burn calories like crazy. I need to eat. I get the “fringale” too easy, even at my fittest.

DM: Helmet, Road ID, driver’s license, $20, iPhone, tire irons, spare tube, Lezyne tire pump, patch kit, and Halt! dog repellent (3 words: Texas. Country. Dawgs.)

NYCV: What’s your favorite post-ride food?

NH: My favorite post-ride food is an organic burger from Prime Meats with one of their cocktails. Prime Meats is farm-to-table, local and fresh. The burgers are one of my favorites in all of NY, and nothing goes with it better than one of their cocktails. All of their mixes are freshly made and it’s the perfect combo after a good ride.

DM: Espresso or a single origin coffee pour-over plus whatever protein I can find…current protein favorite: Texas BBQ (J Mueller BBQ in South Austin).

NYCV: What’s next?

NH: More Grimpeur Bros.  Coffee and more racing – shooting to upgrade to Cat 3 in 2013. More family. Enjoying life and eating great food. More awesomeness. More adventures.

DM: More cross racing. More climbing. More coffee. More Grimpeur Bros. More Life.