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NYC Velo Tours: Days 1&2, 2012 French Alps

For the third week of September, NYC Velo (under the “NYC Velo Tours” banner) led a group of intrepid cyclists on a tour of the Southern French Alps.  The priorities of the trip were as follows: ride, eat, drink, sleep.  Setting that list to repeat 6 times yielded a week full of climbing (total elevation gain of 72,631 feet), descending, sun, scenery, and warm French hospitality.  Along the way, we thoroughly tested our legs and our gear (see the recent BOTW feature), including the Search and State S1-J Riding Jacket, a variety of Grimpeur Bros Coffees, Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration (USADA-legal we’re told), and Endura compression gear, reviews to follow.

The trip is best seen in photos, which are broken up into 3 News posts (Days 1&2, Days 3&4, and Days 5&6), with little more than captions to accompany the images.  If you’d like to learn more about this trip, or any of the upcoming adventures, stop by the shop or drop us an email at:

Musette bags from Chris McNally, illustrator
AFter a red-eye flight, the riding starts s-l-o-w
Switchbacks on the Col de Braus
Arrivee #1
Snapping photos before the descent to Sospel
Yan, post-red-eye, pre-cafe creme, Sospel
....and the cafe creme
Le Grande Patron
"Gruppo Compacto" on the climb to Moulinet
The team working on its "Cafe Stance"
The largest vehicle available to rent in all of France
Dinner is calling!
The green lights mean "Pizza!" in Puget-Theniers
The French do a mean Pizza
Wine-fueled Swatch photo bomb
The start of Day 2 in Die
The climb out of Die, Day 2
Captain Jack atop the Col de Rousset
Looking back at the Col de Rousset
Troy, pensive, reflecting on the HC Col de Rousset
Southward, from the Col de Rousset, Day 2's first Challenge
The Vercors
Lunch in Saint-Martin-en-Vercors, Day 2
This Diversion added another 6k climb to Day 2
The view towards Grenoble from the Route du Vercors
The source of our Night 2 happiness, in La Mure
Yan, laughing at his food. Maybe it's the wine.
Night 2 protein, on its way!
Dinner Greens in La Mure
Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday?
Typical end of day scene