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5ive Points with Liam Quigley

The 5ive Points interview series has a tradition not only of brevity, but variety as well. Local-boy-cum-post-renaissance-man Liam Quigley (aka Ratherbebiking or Cyclocity) answers our intentionally simple interview questions succinctly and offers just a bit of insight into the world of a bike-rider/racer/commuter/latenight-anti-insomnia-cookie-delivery-dude/photographer/bike-lane-violation-documenter/revolutionary.

Liam grew up in downtown Manhattan, cut his teeth racing in the CRCA Junior program, and photographically documented the NYC racing scene before relocating to Baltimore to pursue higher education of an artistic nature. Whether he’s in NYC or Baltimore, or somewhere in between, Liam keeps his digital followers abreast of bike lane violations and other crimes against cyclists, and delivers the occasional batch of sleep-inducing cookies. Follow him on the Twitter at @_elkue.

NYC Velo: What bike do you ride?
Liam Quigley: I only ride one bicycle these days. It is a 4 speed (Dura-Ace!) delivery bike with a Cetma rack. It’s an Orion. I don’t know who built it but I hope they don’t read this because I haven’t been taking very good care of it. Mainly I use it for work so it has sustained lots of nicks and several dents.

NYCV: What’s your favorite ride?
LQ: I like rides that include more than one borough. In the summer I like to ride out to City Island, that’s a nice 40 mile ride that you can convince less experienced cyclists to do. 

NYCV: What’s your favorite post-ride food?
LQ: Pizza.

NYCV: What is one thing you always carry on a ride?
LQ: Two things : Patch kit & a camera.

NYCV: What’s next?
LQ: $$$ Multi-millions $$$.