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5ive Points with Travis Poh of Freight Baggage

Travis on the Omega with a messenger large Sling.

Elusive, overworked, and prolific are words describing San Francisco-based messenger bag maker Travis Poh, and all are fitting descriptions for anyone serious about what they do. For someone whose brand has such a massive following, there is little web information on the man behind the Cordura curtain. Why?  Because his bags speak for him.  As Travis states on his company’s website, Freight Bags are handmade in San Francisco – deigned and tested (daily) by working messengers (including himself). They strive to create the most comfortable and functional bags possible, using only the finest domestically manufactured materials. Freight Baggage guarantees all of their work to be of superior quality and craftsmanship. Big in Japan, huge in the states and coveted everywhere, Travis’s bags have been seriously field tested for years by us at NYC Velo and could be the last bag YOU ever buy. Freight bags are some of the first products we carried here in the bike shop. We met Travis back in July 2005 (6 weeks after opening our doors) when the Cycle Messenger World Championships were here in NYC (or Jersey City…) and became a dealer on the spot. Many thanks to Travis for taking time form his fabric filled schedule to participate in our 5ive Points Q&A.

NYC Velo: What bike do you ride?
Travis Poh: It varies. So many bikes… Currently its been an English Omega track bike with a P&S rack for boxes.

NYCV: What’s your favorite ride?
TP: S.O.B!, I just broke my favorite ride last month. It’s a custom Dale track bike. Its my pride and joy. R.I.P.

NYCV: What’s your favorite post-ride food?
TP: Makers Mark.

NYCV: What is one thing you always carry on a ride?
TP: I used to always have to wear a bag or I’d feel naked. Never nude. But since I’ve shed that fear, just a wallet.

NYCV: What’s next?
TP: Inevitably, to build a better mouse trap. Hopefully travel more. And get some sleep.