Perrier/NYC Velo Bottle 22oz

Purist Water Bottle


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Fresh. Bubbly. Crisp. All words that describe this classic bidon parody. Hydrating is good, and it’s even better when your bottle looks this good.

A little about the Purist from Specialized:

“Introducing Purist: As pure as drinking from a glass—with all the advantages of a flexible bottle. In creating the next generation of water bottles, our team set out to solve a puzzle that has challenged engineers for years: How can we combine the two most desired elements in the ideal water bottle, the flexibility and safety of a sports bottle with the pure taste of drinking from a glass? Purist technology mimics the way the lotus leaf sheds water and contaminants. To help solve this, we looked to nature for inspiration and found the solution in the lotus flower. Just as the lotus leaf sheds water and contaminants, so does Purist, through low surface tension shielding the inside of your bottle from odor, staining, and mold build-up. With a simple rinse of the bottle, Purist ensures that water from the bottle does not taste like plastic or the previous liquid.”