S1-A Riding Jersey Patriot Camo




Distinguished design, luxurious fabric, and rugged components are the hallmarks of S&S’s highly evolved take on the classic, three-pocket, cycling jersey. The S1-A sets the bar high and has established a new standard of what the riding jersey should be. You’re going to look, and feel, good in this jersey.

*** Please note that due to the special edition nature of this product, overall look and color may be slightly different than pictured here.


Cut like a tailored garment without being too tight or too loose – it’s just right. You’ll be happy riding, racing, or maybe even sleeping in the S1-A, it’s that comfortable.


Two centuries of Manhattan’s garment making expertise precede the birth of the S1A which is built entirely of USA produced fabric.


There’s one moving part on a cycling jersey, the zipper. Ours is made by Riri, the brand known to discerning manufacturers everywhere as reliable, durable and the best money can buy.


Durability, luxurious hand-feel, rich color, and an impeccable fit are tough to relay over a mobile device. If you like the S1-A now, wait till you put it on.

Find Your Fit

The S1-A riding jersey features a slim fit but is not skin-tight and could be best described as a classic riding fit. The S1-A is designed to be comfortable and non-restrictive while being worn close to the body. The below guides are sizing suggestions, but fit is still a personal experience. All Search and State jerseys are finely tailored and considered true to size according to industry standards.

Chest Size Height
XS – < 33″ XS – < 5’4″
S – 33-36″ S – 5’4″ to 5’7″
M – 36-39″ M – 5’7″ to 5’10”
L – 39-42″ L – 5’10” to 6’1″
XL – 42+” XL – 6’1″+