A properly-fitted bicycle should feel like an extension of yourself. As such, we take pride in the professional fit services that we offer. Whether you’re looking to improve your finish at your next road race or triathlon, alleviate pain or numbness from your rides, get your bike dialed in for efficiency, or all three – a professional bike fitting is sure to be the best way to get there. With several package options to choose from, we’re sure we will be able to make your bike more enjoyable to ride.

[pricing accent=”pr-cl-orange” label=”General Sizing (With Purchase)” currency=”$” price=”0″ period=”With Purchase of New Bike” link=”” button_text=”Contact Us”][field text=”Provided at no charge to those purchasing bicycles from NYC Velo to ensure proper bicycle size. It also provides proper seat height and preliminary stem adjustment.”][/pricing]
[pricing accent=”pr-cl-orange” label=”Cleat Fitting” currency=”$” price=”99″ period=”Recommended: As Needed” link=”” button_text=”Contact Us”][field text=”Foot, foot arch, and cleat assessment to create the best pedal and foot interface.”][/pricing]
[pricing accent=”pr-cl-orange” label=”Standard Fitting” currency=”$” price=”199″ period=”Recommended: As Needed” link=”” button_text=”Contact Us”][field text=”Basic fit service for those who purchased their bike elsewhere. Focus on comfort and proper adjustment of saddle and stem.”][/pricing]
[pricing accent=”pr-cl-orange” label=”Re-Fitting” price=”199″ period=”Recommended: As Needed” button_text=”Contact Us”][field text=”1 hour session for those that already have previously been fit by us. Measurements used to fit additional bikes to spec.”][/pricing]
[pricing accent=”pr-cl-orange” label=”Pro Bike Fitting” price=”379″ period=”Recommended: As Needed” button_text=”Contact Us”][field text=”90 Minute comprehensive pro bike fitting. Includes complete setup of bike and shoes along with a complimentary 30 minute follow up session (if needed)”][/pricing]
[pricing accent=”pr-cl-orange” label=”Custom Pre Fitting” price=”499″ period=”Recommended: For custom Setups”][field text=”Two sessions of 1 hour each designed for those who are looking for a custom setup or a brand new bike.”][/pricing]